Pinterest is so hot right now and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great way to save everything you love in one place, so you can easily reference it later. No searching in Internet Explorer for your bookmarked pages!

But what can Pinterest really do for your blog or business? Well there is the reasonably well-known stuff; such as pinning all your blog posts for people to find and therefore drive traffic back to your site. But have you thought of any other ways you can think “outside the box” and make your life easier using this clever program?

The possibilities are endless with Pinterest, so below is a list of different ideas I have come up with (and come across) that you might draw inspiration from. Hopefully this might get you thinking about different ways for you to draw on the power of Pinterest!

5 Different ways to use Pinterest for your business

  1. As a showcase: create a board for your “work” – whatever that may be!
    1. Designers: pin websites you’ve designed
    2. Bloggers: pin product reviews you’ve done and send advertisers there to demonstrate your experience
    3. Crafters: link to products you’ve made and link back to your etsy account
  2. As a resource library: create boards for different areas of your business and pin the best “how to” guides you find here (this might help you as well!).
    1. Think about things you regularly get questions on and create a board to answer these so you can send people there instead.
  3. Group boards: to collaborate ideas
    1. You could include clients and ask them to share ideas or pin items for their project
    2. Work with others in your field and share references and resources for inspiration
  4. Secret Boards: use as a “cheat sheet” for yourself! Create a secret board (one only you can see) and pin reference material here – pricing guides from competitors, website designs you love, content you love (and want to use as inspiration) – anything!
  5. Vision board: again this could be a secret board – pin inspirational content relevant to your business and life here.


different ways to use pinterest for your business


Obviously the opportunities are endless, when using Pinterest I try to think of anything in my business that could be made easier by having somewhere to “direct” people, and therefore save you time having to refer to different websites each time.

Remember – anything you need to save can be collated in Pinterest!

How do you use Pinterest? Have I given you any new ideas?

My FAVOURITE Pinterest tool is Tailwind…awesome for scheduling your content!



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