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Google Chrome is now showing all sites without an SSL as insecure, and Safari has also followed suit. Not a great user experience if someone arrives on your website and finds it isn’t “secure”. It’s such an important topic I even wrote a super interesting blog post on it…have a read if you dare…

Are you now wondering if you have an SSL? If your web address is “” then you do not have SSL coverage…eek!

Ok so how do you get an SSL? Well a lot of web hosting companies are now offering these for free, so perhaps check with them first as you may be able to obtain one for nothing. Other hosting companies will charge you a yearly fee of upwards of $50 or so, and you need to update the certificate each year (of course, there are different levels of SSL’s…but let’s keep it simple for now!).

How can we help with this? Well easy – we can set you up with a third party solution such as CloudFlare, which which not only provides you with enhanced performance (including “always online” options, should your webhost go down) and security, but also SSL coverage – which doesn’t have to be manually updated each year. Nice!

Increase your site security and performance today! Find out more about our Cloudflare SSL Set up options.

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