A common question I’m asked ALL the time, is which WordPress theme should I choose? I have a simple answer, as I only recommend one theme…but…before I tell you it, for those who want to do their own explanation, let me explain a few things.

How to Choose a WordPress Theme

There are a few key things you should consider when looking for a theme for your WordPress website:

  • Support: if something goes wrong (trust me, it will), who can you go to for support? A lot of people don’t like the idea of licencing fees, however paying a yearly fee to have support on hand is a smart idea if you’re managing your own website.
    • Tip: log a ticket with the theme owner if you can and see how long they take to reply!
  • Flexibility: lots of themes are very simple – which is great for those starting out – however as your business grows, this often means you don’t have many options for updating the website (we’re talking substantial changes, not just text edits). This can result in having to change themes to update the site – which can be time consuming and costly.
  • Last Updated: when was the theme last updated? WordPress is constantly being updated, so your theme will need to be as well to remain stable. Find out how often updates are made to the theme in question.
  • Ratings: see if you can find any ratings for the theme and have a little browse through the comments and reviews. This will give you an idea of how others are finding using the theme.


Ok now I made you go through all of that, I’ll give you my recommendation. My number one, stand out theme is Divi (this site is built on Divi). Yes, it is a massive learning curve to start using it, but once you do – it’s wonderful. Their theme support is amazing, it’s constantly being updated, the Divi team share tips with you, there are how to videos within each module of the theme, it’s modern..…I’ll stop.

Know that you can make Divi do almost anything if you know how –not all other themes have that flexibility. There is some concern among a lot of users that once you move to Divi you are “stuck” with it, which I don’t disagree with, however I cannot see a reason to change. It’s so flexible and full of features there isn’t a need to move on! I’ve built over 50 websites using Divi and we’ve achieved all manner of amazing websites!

Have I convinced you yet?

Sidenote: if you’re unsure what a WordPress theme actually is, check this out.