If you own a WordPress website, chances are you’d like people to be able to contact you! Unfortunately to add a contact form onto your site it’s not just a matter of adding some text to the page. The best way is to use a reputable plugin, as this ensures the form actually works and you receive the enquiry. There are plenty of contact form plugins around, but the one I always recommend is Gravity Forms.

In this video, I share how to create a contact form in WordPress, using Gravity Forms.

Hopefully that helps you get a contact form onto your website. Before I go, I wanted to share some other tips with you:

  • Once you’ve set it up, be sure to check the enquiry comes through to you (if it doesn’t, you might have issues with your website emails, which is a whole other topic!).
  • If you already have a contact form on your site and you want to change to Gravity Forms, you will need to recreate the form and update the short code on the page to be a Gravity Forms one.
  • With Gravity forms, you can allow visitors to upload files, take payments, link to Dropbox and all sorts of wonderful things!