How do I set up my website hosting? This is one of the most common questions I get asked. It’s a topic that confuses people, but it is actually quite simple!

In this video I show you how to set up hosting with Netorigin, a firm favourite hosting company of mine who are Perth based and offer a budget hosting option. They have great support, an easy to use cpanel, and are quick to respond to queries (within 24 hours). For people who like the idea of having their domain, email and hosting with the one company, they are for you.


1.    Navigate to Netorigin and go to Managed WordPress Hosting option. Note there is a discount code which gives you 50% off your first invoice.

2.    There are a couple of choices here with the Economy option fine for the majority of websites plus it also allows you to have an email address, so it is very cost effective.

3.    Click on Buy Now and then you have a few domain options. A domain is where your website lives, for example, You have three choices:

I need to create a domain

You can check here if your chosen domain name is available. If available, you can purchase it with the naming option you prefer. My recommendation is that you get the and the .com as the minimum for potential future use. I don’t tend to worry about or .net these days you but it is up to you!

I have a domain already but would like to transfer it to Netorigin.

You can transfer it over to Netorigin from your current Registrar. Your Registrar is where your domain is being held, basically where you registered it. Type it in and click transfer. It will require you to login to your registrar’s account and get the transfer code which is quite simple to do. So then you could have your domain, hosting and emails all with one provider.

I have a domain already and I would like it to remain as is.  

Select the option “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers” Nameservers are domain records that will be with wherever your domain is hosted. When you’re setting up your site you’ll go to where your domain is and add in the records so they point to the hosting that you’re setting up.   

4.   Next is the Configure page. We’ve already selected that we wanted a monthly cycle of  $15. No need to have a dedicated IP address. Click continue. Review and checkout. Don’t forget to add the promo code! 

5.     You will redirected to account page and sent an email from Netorigin with info on how to login.

Now you have your hosting account, head over to my next video: How to set up WordPress website!

  p.s. I do receive a small affiliate commission should you use Netorigin, but as I use them for my websites I totally, 100 percent trust them.