How on earth do you use Twitter? I can’t see how it can be useful to me? Why is there so much on there? What is a tweet?

Does that sound like you? Well if so, let me help you find out whether you can get good use out of this platform.

My background with Twitter

So I’ll be straight up with you guys – I only started using twitter properly when I attended the Problogger Event 2014. I had an account prior to that but I didn’t really know what I was doing with it or why I even needed it (refer first paragraph above!).

But during the event, my prowess and opinion of Twitter grew (as did my comedic genius):

How to use twitter for beginners with Kristy Morton Consulting

As I started using Twitter more, I started to understand the ways you can connect and share with people faster and more directly than Facebook or other platforms.

I know, I know – yes it’s true. Let me tell you how and why.


how to use twitter



Why is it so useful?

I found Twitter so useful during PB Event as attendees would tweet inspiring quotes from presenters, effectively sharing highlights from each presentation. You then knew what was going on in other sessions and could change your schedule accordingly. You could also tweet about how much you loved a presentation – therefore letting the speaker know and connecting with them directly.

When meeting new people, you could easily follow them on twitter straight away and connect faster than taking a business card and searching for them later. You could chat directly with people – so meeting up was easy! You could also keep up to date with whatever was happening at the event (free coffee? Yes please!).

So in summary what is so good about it?

  • Favourite (save) tweets you liked the sound of to look at later
  • Connect with speakers easily
  • Connect easily with others in your niche
  • Tweets are limited in character so conversation is faster
  • Share information quickly and without feeling spammy (like I do on facebook sometimes)
  • You can share anything – it doesn’t have to be “topic” specific, like your blog may be. I like to share all sorts of things I read, whereas on my Facebook page for my blog I tend to be very specific to health and wellness
  • Using hashtags means your tweets (and content) can be spread easily and picked up by people who may otherwise never of heard of you! For example, if I use the #glutenfree on a recipe I tweet – it always gets retweeted by a whole heap of people who have picked it up because of that hashtag (sadly not because I’m awesome)

Simple Rules

Here are some basic rules about how to use Twitter:

  • Tweets are limited in character (under 140).
  • Followers and Following – you can follow someone and they can follow you, pretty simple. When you are starting out just follower whoever really – you want to have lots of tweets in your feed so you can see what’s going on!
  • If you like something enough to share it with all your followers – you can “retweet” it. Don’t go nuts with that though. I think I did in the beginning.
  • If you like something enough and want to either let the person know or save for later, favourite it so it stays in your “favourites” list
  • You can “mention” someone, reply to a tweet, create groups and private message
  • Just like all platforms now – hashtags are used and can be searched on
  • Use the Twictionary if you need more guidance! I kid you not, it’s a thing.

Twitter might take some getting used to…the best way I’ve heard it described is by Scott Hanselman in a great article of his:

It’s a river of uselessfulness and truthiness. It’s a permanent cocktail party where you know some folks, and don’t know others. Some are famous, some are your friends. There’s a the constant background of overheard conversations, except on Twitter, it’s socially acceptable, nay, encouraged, to jump in. No need to say, “oh, I couldn’t help but overhear, excuse me but…”

Sound like you? Give it a go then! Especially if you are attending an event such as Problogger in the near future.

Advanced Twitter Users

Once you grasp the basics, as with all the social media platforms you can use tools to make your life easier. You can create automatic private messages, schedule tweets – that kind of thing.

But I’m not overly advanced, so I wont go into that anymore!

I already use several social media platforms – do I really need another?

In short, no. I believe you have to use whatever platforms you really enjoy. If you have mastered Facebook and Instagram and you want to try something new, then maybe try Twitter. It definitely won’t be for everyone – but if you want to give it a try, go for it!

I also think the witty benefit more from Twitter. I’m definitely not the wittiest of characters, however I am getting better at my tweets…I think!


What do you think about Twitter now?

If you want to get started, follow me. I’ll try to say something witty to you!


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