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Website Audit Report

Is your website working for you? A wordpress website audit report might help you find out…but how do you know if you need one…

Easy – can you answer these questions about your website:

  • Is my site safe? Is it secure? Are my backups ok?
  • Do visitors to my site know what I’m about? Is it easy for them to move around?
  • What about SEO – if people google me do I pop up in results?
  • Am I making as much money as I could be? Am I missing any ways to make more?
  • I’ve been thinking about changing my site design…is it necessary…?
  • My web hosting is due to expire soon but I don’t know if I should change?
  • Should I have an SSL? What is that?!

Our WordPress Website Audit Reports are the perfect solution for someone who needs a website health check, inspiration, direction or even to know if you’re on the right track.

What exactly do we do in this report?

Well firstly Kristy will make a big cup of coffee to prepare for the major brainwaves required to give you the most awesomest, useful report possible…

Oh hang on, you want to know what’s in the report. Sorry…here you go:

  • You receive a detailed report with gradings (A, B, C, D) on each area –it’s even colour coded too – yay!
  • We give you all our juicy secrets – as the report goes through best practice for website owners
  • The review covers:
    • Security – score for web host quality, review of plugins, themes & backups
    • Site design – we’ll be super honest (in a nice way, don’t worry) about whether your site is actually working for you – or against you
    • Strategy – we check you’re doing everything you could be to earn a dollar…and a few more? Let’s be honest, we could all use a few more.
    • Site Performance – is your site quick enough? Does that matter?

Also, you get to “speak” with Kristy, founder of the business – and as I’m super nice that means if you have any general questions about your site, business or life I’ll probably answer those too. Yay!

If you’re not sure this is what you need, here’s what our lovely clients are saying

Thank you so much, your report is awesome…

Julie – Mumpreneurs WA

Thanks so much – it’s exactly the type of stuff I need to know.

Tash, Gift Grapevine

OMG, you have done so much for me – thank you Kristy, you are awesome!!!!!

Carolyn, Pink Post it Note

Still not convinced? That’s cool, we get it. Here’s a screenshot of what the beautiful report looks like!

Wordpress Website audit report | KMC

Are you in now?

If you are – how do you get started?

Glad you asked – as we’re itching to meet you and learn about your business. Simply click on the button below and we can get to know each other better (in a non creepy way, don’t worry). We need access to your website and some other details, but we’ll guide you through it all. Easy.

Please give me the low down on my website…for only $289 (+gst)

Oh – this report is for WordPress websites only. Sorry!