So you’re built a fancy new website (or perhaps upgraded your existing website!) and you think you’re ready to launch…or are you? Here’s some quick tips on everything you need to cover off before you send your precious website out into the world.

    • Speed – does your site load in under 3 seconds?
    • SSL – is your site address https?
    • Mobile Responsive – how well does your site work on mobiles?
    • Why above the fold – how quickly can a visitor tell what you do?
    • A clear CTA on each page – tell people where to go
    • Clear and simple menu structure – don’t be cute, complicate or clutter

General checks to do before launching your website


  • Do you have website backups you can easily access?
  • Does your 404 page read well and direct the visitor somewhere else? Can you inject some brand personality into it?
  • Is your search results page formatted well?
  • Ensure your font size is readable – 16px as a minimum is ideal
  • Check the website for spelling errors
  • Check all links work, and that all links to external websites open in a new tab
  • Check your menus work
  • Test any contact forms to ensure they’re in working order
  • Test any email subscribes to ensure they’re in working order
  • Test the website across different browsers – such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • Test the website on mobile, and across different screen resolutions (screen sizes)

Other things to be aware of


Now once you’ve covered all that off, you’re well and truly ready to launch! Make sure you share the new website on all your social channels, send an email to your list and tell your friends. Tie the launch into a promotion to really leverage the hype around the launch.