Above the fold…it’s a term thrown around a lot at the moment, but what on earth does it mean?

Put simply, the above the fold area on a website is the first part of the site you see, before you scroll down the page. The size of the above the fold area varies between seeing the website on desktop and on mobile (as your site will look different on both screen sizes).

As it’s the first thing a visitor to your site sees (and most people don’t hang around very long on a new website), you need to hit them with your “why” (what your business does) in this area. They need to be able to understand super quickly what you’re about, before they move on!

As an example, here is the above the fold area on this website homepage, as this is what you see BEFORE you scroll:

what does above the fold mean















For some other “above the fold website examples” and further explanation, check out this video: