My previous post about the mysterious Gutenberg was so popular, I thought it was necessary I follow up with some more articles about the update and what it means for you.

First up, I thought I’d cover what your website will look like once you update to WordPress 5.0 so you know what to expect. I’ll cover what it looks like for those using the Divi theme and those who aren’t.


Some Background Notes

In my last post I discussed installing the Classic Editor plugin before updating to the new version of WordPress, so you have the option of using the editor we are all comfortable with. In my videos below I show you what your site will look like both when using the Classic Editor plugin and without it activated.


For Divi Theme Users

As I mentioned in my previous post, if you’re like me and use the Divi theme – you won’t experience too many issues once you update to WordPress 5.0. There is a bit of a change to how you launch the builder however if you’re comfortable using the page builder then there isn’t much of a change.

If you’ve done as suggested and installed the Classic Editor plugin, basically once you update to WordPress 5.0, your site will look exactly the same. You will be able to edit pages and posts as normal – well, until they phase out the Classic Editor, which won’t happen for some time yet.

If you deactivate the Classic Editor and use the new editor, this is the screen you will see when you navigate to the “Posts” section of your website:


what does Gutenberg look like?


You will then select that pretty purple button and launch the Divi Builder, at which point you will see the screen below:


what does Gutenberg look like?


You can then decide whether to build a page from scratch or use existing layouts.what does Gutenberg look like?

In my video below, I go through how it looks on my website which is updated to the latest version of WordPress (note, I have recommended for everyone else to wait until January if possible).



Non Divi Theme Users

For those of you not using the Divi theme, don’t panic – you also have the option of installing the Classic Editor plugin and continuing to edit as you have been.

Here is a little screenshot of what you can expect to see when you use the Gutenberg editor:


what does Gutenberg look like?


Quite a different way of editing and may take a little bit of time to get used to!

Check out my video below where I walk you through the changes the latest version of WordPress brings (I also show you some yummy shortbread!).




I hope these videos have helped clear some confusion about what the Gutenberg change actually means, I will be publishing some more resources and running some training webinars early in 2019, so make sure you’re on my email list to be notified of any updates!

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