Themes, Plugins, Widgets…WordPress has a language all of it’s own! In this short post, I’ll explain a commonly referred to WordPress component, being Widgets.

What is a Widget?


The tricky thing with widgets is, every theme’s use of widgets is different.  But very simply, a widget is a module or element you can add into different areas on your website. They allow you to show different information or features.

This is best explained with an example. Many websites with a blog have a sidebar. In this case, you could use widgets to add a search bar, recent posts or Facebook follow into your sidebar.

Same goes for your footer. For example, on this website my footer looks like this:

What is a wordpress widget









The content for this area was added through some widgets:




What is a wordpress widget














How do you access the widget area?


As you can see in the screenshot above, you navigate to Appearance > Widgets – this area shows you which widget sections are available on your website (based on your theme).

The actual widgets that are available depends on the plugins you have installed, and of course your theme.

You can also be creative with your use of widgets. For my example above, I have used a simple text widget but I’ve included an image and text links within it.


There you have it, a very simple look at what WordPress Widget its. I hope it helps!