Do you visit your website and wait…wait…wait for it to load? Oh dear – it begs the question, why is my WordPress website so slow?

Let’s take a look!

Why is my WordPress website so slow?

There could be lots of reasons…but let’s start at the beginning. We need to test if there is really a speed issue on your website and how bad it is. To find out how to speed test your website, try this post and report back here! It’s pretty simple, promise.

If your website loads in over 3 seconds – then it’s too slow. What has caused this? Well don’t panic – WordPress websites are known to be slow – if you let them. Some of the reasons include uploading lots of large images, too many plugins, poorly coded themes and bad hosting….to name a few.

How do we fix this slow loading website? 

This is a tricky one, it can be a really quick fix, or it can take awhile – it depends on your set up! This post about how to speed up your website should help, it contains detailed instructions and plugin suggestions. But if that gets a bit too much, don’t forget you can call on WP Butler – with jobs from $60 USD or $99 USD – they’ll be able to get your site loading fast in no time!