Let us save you time, headaches and tears. So many tears.

Because setting up your own website shouldn’t inspire a tantrum.

We get it. You are drowning in the million individual bits of (often contradictory) advice online to build your own website.


Even dear Aunt Betty will happily give you the advice her hairdresser’s cousin told her about websites. The problem is, how do you know who to trust for this advice and where can you go to find out the first steps? Without feeling completely silly? You know the questions we’re talking about, you’ve Googled them yourself – What is a domain? What website hosting is any good? (And what exactly is hosting anyway?) How do I get the pages onto the site? What on earth is WordPress?

Phew. Take a deep breath (maybe two) and leave the tissues in the cupboard.


The WordPress Kickstart Website Training

is a hands on training program, where we take you from ‘no clue’ through to ‘fresh new’ website. Laughs, hand holding, and general support included. No handkerchief required (but you may have a wine when we’re done).

What you’ll get:

  • WordPress website set up and ready for you to play with
  • Cost of themes and plugins included (for life)
  • Facebook group for support 
  • Initial training resources
  • 2 x 1 hour training webinars (available to watch later, watch again, forever), where you will learn how to make sure you don’t break your site (and how to fix it, just in case), how to build the pages how you like them and how to maintain it all when you’re done.


  • BONUS: access to our “Get Going Online” Training course that covers Website Best Practice, Email Marketing, SEO + Google Analytics. Yay!


All for less than $500 AUD – a significant saving on the thousands of dollars most reputable companies charge for a full website build.

What’s the process?

Everything is designed to be minimal fuss, so you can get going quickly without delay.

  1. You: tell us your domain (No domain? No problem. We can buy it.)
  2. We: set up everything and hand it over to you. You’ll have immediate access to training videos and tools to get started straight away, if you wish. 
  3. Together: we run through an online webinar (think a training session, in the comfort of your own home) where I teach you how to use everything, without breaking it. You can then go and play.

Fast forward 1 month, we’ll do another follow up group call (recorded, so you can watch it whenever you like).

Don’t worry if you have questions in between times, there’s a Facebook group for that very purpose.

You can access the recorded sessions, plus bonus content, forever.


WordPress Websites Supported

Clients Trained

Kristy Morton is a mother, multiple business owner, and numbers gal. One of her businesses is a web development consultancy, specialising in WordPress websites. Kristy excels at translating her excellent technical knowledge into material the average (non-tech) person can understand, which leaves her clients feeling informed and in control of how their websites are developed and managed.

She’s also the Co-Founder of B Directory, which aims to empower small business owners to take charge of their growth. So really, she’s all about helping small businesses take charge.

Prior to establishing her businesses, Kristy worked for over 10 years as Management Accountant in the private sector. Now she works with many clients across diverse industries but her experience in the business sector means that Kristy is focused on optimising results for clients based on their unique needs and budget.

Despite seeming like an overachiever, Kristy admits to always be chasing the sun, a simple life and one more homemade chocolate.

Let’s get started

Launch your business or new website faster, save valuable dollars, and stop worrying about what to do. Feel confident in yourself and lose that “I’m not good with technology” thought process. You don’t need it.

By the end of the training, you’ll:

  • Have your own custom website
  • Feel comfortable editing the site
  • Feel safe updating it
  • Have FREE Divi Theme + Premium plugins, licenced forever
  • Have confidence in knowing you’re in control of your website!

All for $495.00 AUD (+gst)


Don’t forget, this includes access to the “Get Going Online” Course, with 8 modules of content on emails, SEO + all things Google!


It’s our promise to you that this is a place where there are no stupid questions, no problem too small, and no challenge unsolvable. Guaranteed.

Still not sure? That’s ok – we get it. Sometimes you just want someone else to make it happen for you. Check out our website packages, prices start at $3,499 +gst.


Professional, reliable, patient, lovely, fantastic, approachable.

Not to carry on too much, but these are the words our lovely clients have used about working with us. Let’s get your website started and find out for yourself.


I think I already have some hosting, but I’m not sure?
That’s fine. We can help you suss out what type of hosting you have and where it is, and use that for your website if you like – or we can just set up a new account with our preferred webhost.
I don’t even have a domain (or know what that is) – can I join?
Absolutely. We can help you choose a domain name and even purchase it for you.
I’ve already got a website, is this course still for me?

Most likely – let’s look at a few examples.

If you have a website on a platform other than WordPress and the site needs a design and content update, or you’d like to be able to edit the content more easily yourself – then YES! We can set up your new site and you can work on it in the background until you’re ready to set it live! At which point, we will help with that too.

If you’re already on WordPress and you find it difficult to update your site, again we can set up a new site so you can play until you’re ready to move over to the new version. The theme we work with (Divi) is very customisable once you understand how, so your options are endless.

If you have a WordPress website that has been built previously and is quite restrictive with edits, however you have made a significant investment in creating the site and just have minor changes to make, this may not be the course for you. Our one on one training may be more beneficial.

Same goes for an ecommerce website (i.e. if you have a shop). Changing this type of website can require a little more effort, so it might be best to chat with us first to determine where you’re at!

How long will the Facebook group be active for?

I (Kristy) will be answering questions in the group ongoing, however more detailed answers will be provided in the live calls. You’re welcome to stay in the group and connect with other students for as long as you like though.

What happens when you set up my website for me?

We create a hosting account (essentially where your website lives) and set up all the back end stuff. Then we’ll set up a homepage, add a basic layout, and share the log in details so you can get started!

You’ll also have access to some prerecorded “getting started” training materials so you can begin working straight away!

How do the live calls work?

Everyone who registers for the course can attend two live calls (in addition to the prerecorded materials). The calls are held one month and two months from course launch, so no matter when you register – you can access the support you need. I cover general WordPress tricks and tips, plus answer any questions that arise from any attendees.

If you can’t make the call live, you can watch a recorded version later.