If you’re building a new website, or maybe doing some maintenance on your existing one, chances are you might prefer no one can see it whilst you make the changes.

This is often called putting your site on “Maintenance Mode” or adding a “Coming Soon” page.

This might sound tricky but don’t panic – it’s a super easy thing to set up. You simply need to install a plugin to put the site on wordpress maintenance mode or install a wordpress coming soon plugin.

Let’s look at a step by step guide of how to do this – here’s how to put your website in wordpress maintenance mode:

Step One: Navigate to Plugins > Add New

Step Two: Search for the “Maintenance” plugin (which looks like this)

WordPress Maintenance Mode




Step Three: Click the “Install Now” button

Step Four: Click activate

Step Five: Update the settings in the plugin. To do this, find Maintenance in menu:

WordPress Maintenance Mode











Then add content into the Page Settings as you wish, such as the:

Page Title



WordPress Maintenance Mode






If the website will be out of action for awhile, you could add a “contact us” link to your email address (within the description field).

You can leave it there, or if you want to customise it further you can select a background colour or image, change the font colours and add your logo.

Save changes, and you’re done editing.


Step Six: Visit your website URL in a different browser (not the same one you are using now) and test what it looks like!


There you have it, now your site is in Maintenance Mode so you can work away! When you are done with your updates, you can simply come back into the plugin settings and turn off maintenance mode. Then the site will be live again.