Monthly WordPress Maintenance and Marketing Support

Do you log into your WordPress website…see little numbers everywhere in the menu and wonder what on earth it means?

Does a shudder of anxiety run through you as you ponder whether you touching things will break IT ALL?

If you’re nodding, then I guess that means you just…do nothing? So you’re site may not be backed up, is out of date and generally you have no support?


Ok I’ll just ask one more question then…what happens when something goes wrong? Who do you turn to for help? Do you spend hours Googling with no luck? And are left confused, tired and possibly with a site that doesn’t work.

And a site that doesn’t work = no money in your pocket. Eeek!

Ok – take a deep breath and relax – I’m here!


The reality of running an online business is there are serious issues you can run into. Bad things can happen online – security issues, errors or conflicts with plugins, theme updates going wrong – just to name a few. You absolutely need to have backups stored remotely to ensure if these things occur and your site goes down – you can restore it (i.e. get it back as it was!).

This side of things can be daunting so a lot of people just ignore it, thinking they will get to it “one day”. But if that “one day” doesn’t happen and you run into issues, you could spend A LOT of time trying to get your site back up – speaking to your web host provider, dealing with different people who don’t know or care much about your site, your budget or your sanity.

Worst case scenario you could lose your site entirely. Eeek!

I’m not exaggerating, because I’ve helped people who have gone through this and wasted many hours, days and weeks (as well as dollars and lost sleep!) trying to resolve issues. Issues that could have been prevented (or made a lot easier to fix) with the right measures in place.

And that’s where I come in. My various monthly WordPress Maintenance Services takes care of plugin and theme updates, backups, site performance and security. I look after all that back end stuff so you can rest easy everything is under control.

The service includes email support, so if you have any concerns you can drop me a line and I’ll provide you with genuine, honest feedback (because hey, I have an online business too, so I care!). If the query is something that requires work to be completed, maintenance clients receive a discounted support rate. For my higher packages, your even get support hours included – which can be used for tech issue OR content updates. Hoorah!

Imagine having one point of contact for all your queries, support and advice. Sounds good huh?

Let me take care of all the behind the scenes work so you can focus on what you love!

I’m not convinced – is WordPress Maintenance worth my money?

If it seems far fetched your site could be hacked, it honestly isn’t:

According to WP White Security, more than 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacker attacks and the total number of hacked WordPress websites in 2012 was a whopping 170,000. This figure is growing every year.

So yes – it’s worth it! Implementing these measures now could save you money down the track. Having one trusted point of contact can also save you money on general issues or changes you may have for you site. Even simple things like setting up an email subscriber form on your site can cost you more than it should if you contact the wrong person.

Also, if you are paying for for an SSL or DNS hosting, or for services through your webhost such as sitelock – you could potentially save on these costs with my maintenance plan as you will no longer need them. Ask me for more info on your exact situation and I can let you know!

How do the Monthly WordPress Maintenance plans work?

Once you choose a plan and payment option, I will contact you and advise of the details I require to get started. After that, I install the necessary plugins for security and backup and set up any third party tools required to get everything going.

I’ll keep you updated on any changes required and provide a monthly report so you know what’s going on.

Then if you ever need anything WordPress related, just ask. And that’s it.

A simple solution to your wordpress maintenance issues.


How do you know what you need? Easy – pick which sentence best describes you!

  • Updates scare me, backups are over my head and I need to have someone to trust when I have problems…I only have a small budget but I really need a helping hand…otherwise I won’t do anything to my site!
    • Your perfect match is the NO FRILLS plan. You’re welcome :)
  • I want my own admin team as I really hate technical stuff…I need someone I trust to turn to. It would be nice to know I could get something done each month at no extra cost – be it adding a new plugin or uploading a new product. My business is growing, but I don’t have a huge budget for maintenance.
    • Your perfect match is the WP BASIC ADMIN plan. Ahh now you can relax.
  • I want to have my own admin team so I don’t have to even think about anything remotely technical. I want the option of having a few things done each month to really make some big changes – it’s nice to know that’s all included! I have blog posts to upload and product updates to do, which chews up my time. My business is growing so I have a bit of a budget to spend on maintenance.
    • Your perfect match is the WP ADMIN plan. How dreamy!
  • I’m not overly concerned with the technical, my real issue is with marketing. I really want to grow my business but there are so many stats to look at – google, social…is anyone reading my emails? I’m not sure where to begin to understand these numbers or make sense of them. “Marketing” or “SEO” plans I’ve looked at are expensive and don’t really give me what I need.
    • Your perfect match is the BUSINESS GROWTH plan. Google that!
  • I want someone to manage my site – from the technical, to content updates, to analysing my numbers.I need to free up my time to focus on the parts of my business that really matter (and that I enjoy!). I’m serious about growing my business but I need someone to support me.
    • Your perfect match is the WP Complete plan. The mother of all support plans

Why the huge difference on the cheap plan? This has no reporting – so it’s a way of keeping prices way down for those who need a little help but don’t have a big budget.


Monthly WordPress Maintenance & Marketing Support Plans

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Not sure whether this would suit you? Please contact me for more information.

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