WordPress Plugin Directory

Welcome to my WordPress Plugin directory – all my favourite plugins, which have been tried and tested by myself. Have a look through and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just contact me!

Custom CSS & JS

This plugin is used to enter custom css and override your theme’s defaults – it’s a safer way to make changes then directly within your theme files.


This plugin is amazing for creating really special, customised pricing tables.


This plugin is for security and is a must for wordpress website owners.

Justified Image Grid

A plugin that provides awesome gallery options (much better than the wordpress standard gallery. Lots of options to customise for your website.

WP Sweep

This plugin is for cleaning up unused “stuff” on your wordpress website. It also optimizes your data tables, if that interests you.


Email opt in plugin from Elegant Themes (paid yearly membership to purchase). Lots of options (including pop ups) and customisations.

Image Cleanup

A plugin to clean up old images (and clear up space) on your website. Please note this hasn’t been updated for several years, I just use when required and delete afterwards. ALWAYS do a backup before using this type of plugin.

WP Optimize

If your site speed is an issue, or you are running out of space with your webhost, this plugin can help by clearing out old data. Always run a backup before using it!


This plugin is for easily undoing any changes made to your wordpress website!

Easy HTTPS (SSL) Redirection

This plugin forces https on your website – please do not use this unless you know what you are doing! It’s not required for everyone and depends on your SSL/hosting set up.

Related Posts for WordPress

This plugin is a less resource intensive plugin for your related posts on your blog. Other plugins for this purpose can slow down your site.


This plugin reduces the size of images, most suited to images that are outside of your “standard” px size, not so much for compression purposes.

SSL Insecure Content Fixer

If you’ve added an SSL to your site but are getting an “insecure content” issue – then you need this! It will save you a tonne of time (hopefully).

Real Simple SSL

This plugin automatically detects your settings and configures your website to run over https.

Lazy Load

A plugin to ensure images only load when visible in the viewport. Great for photographers or those with a portfolio.

Velvet Blues Update

This plugin updates URLs after changing domains.

Remove Query Strings From Static Resources Like CSS and JS Files

This plugin will remove query strings from static resources like CSS & JS files to improve your speed scores

Enhanced Media Library

This plugin helps you organise your images in WordPress so they categorised, instead of a mess!

Divi Theme Plugins

Divi Extended Google Fonts

This plugin allows you to access all the google fonts, not just the Divi default options.

Divi Commerce

One thing Divi doesn’t do well is Woocommerce. This plugin allows you to style your woocommerce product pages easily, using the divi builder.

Divi Booster

This plugin makes it super simple for you to make changes to some of the Divi defaults…visit the plugin site for more info, it has lots of great Divi tips too.

KK Divi Blogger

This plugin is for updating blog posts.