WordPress SEO Support

Are you struggling to understand what SEO is, why you need it and how to make sure you’re “doing it right?” Well I can probably help you!

I really dislike some of the SEO services being offered online. Please don’t be confused by the mythical world of SEO and let someone tell you it’s all smoke, mirrors and unicorns. And definitely don’t pay for someone who uses a heap of buzz words to confuse you with what they are actually doing.

My WordPress SEO support service is a no bull package that completes the basic set up work for you. I provide clear instructions on how to update your SEO for blog posts and pages moving forwards and am happy to answer any additional questions you may have. It’s not an over the top service – just the basics to get you going.

So you know what you’re getting, here is the exact process I follow:

What do I do:

Check site speed and advise of issues to resolve to help with site ranking (i.e. large image sizes, that kind of thing)
Install WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin (this is what you will update moving forwards)
Complete Yoast SEO for up to 7 pages (focus keywords, meta description, alt tags on images)
Complete Yoast SEO for up to 20 posts (focus keywords, meta description, alt tags on images and including site name on alt tag) either using my own info or if you want to provide you are more than welcome (and encouraged to, so it’s relevant!)
Clear instructions on how to update SEO yourself moving forwards (and a cheat sheet of things to look for & complete)
Complete social section of Yoast (including Facebook open Graph) if desired – so your info shows up correctly on social media

If you want me to update all your posts in Yoast I can do so, just let me know and I’ll give you a quote!

What I don’t do:

Stuff several random keywords into your posts or guarantee page rank. I also won’t submit your pages to search engines. That’s so 2010.

Pricing for WordPress SEO Support

For the above set up the cost is $175 AUD (ex GST)

I’m on hand to answer any questions you may have for a month following the install – so you’re not on your own!

SEO Support Package $175: check site speed, install Yoast plugin, configure settings, update Yoast for up to 7 pages and 20 blog posts, cheat sheets, one month’s support and sharing of general SEO tips and tricks.
SEO Game Plan $148 without consult, $258 with consult: for those needing some guidance on where to get started, what to target and what to focus on moving forwards. Includes site audit, SEO analysis on competitors, recommendations report, support and catch up to discuss. (Catch up for higher price only).

Purchase WordPress SEO Support for $175 AUD (ex GST)

Purchase SEO Game Plan with no consult for only $148AUD (ex GST)

Purchase SEO Game Plan with consult for only $258 AUD (ex GST)

But What About Google Analytics?

Never fear – I can help you with that too!

What do I do:

Install Google Analytics by Yoast Plugin
Link to your google analytics (verify UA with Google) & exclude admin views
Add a dashboard to your analytics account so you can view the numbers more clearly
Add a filterered view to your analytics to exclude spam from your figures
Provide you with clear instructions on how to maintain moving forwards

So after that’s complete you should be able to understand your site stats better and actually use your analytics data. Again I’m happy to provide support for a month following the install.

Pricing for Google Analytics Set up

Google Basic Package $175: setting up Google account, installing dashboard, setting up filtered view for spam, linking to your website and installing the AMP plugin.

Google Boost Package $100: linking search console to your website and setting up you’re my business profile, linking to any other google services as required.
OR both for $270
If you’re still not sure if it’s worth it or what I’ll be doing – just send me an email and we can chat about it! :)

Purchase Google Basic Package for only $175 AUD (ex GST)

Purchase Google Boost Package for only $100 AUD (ex GST)

Purchase Google Boost Package and Google Basic Package together for only $270 AUD (ex GST)