If you have a WordPress website and write blog posts, chances are you’ve experienced formatting issues. You know what I’m talking about…it probably went something like this…

Type in text, enter, more text – looks great. Hit update on the post.

View on the front end – spacing looks rubbish.

Go to back end, add extra spaces – the post now looks weird, but you added the spaces it needed so it must be ok. Hit update.

View on front end – looks awful!

Swear, look despairingly at the computer and go get a coffee.


So annoying, right? Never fear – I’m going to explain a simple way you can overcome formatting issues in WordPress.


Why does WordPress do this to me?

It’s nothing personal, promise. In really simple terms, when this happens on your site, WordPress is being a little naughty and is stripping the normal formatting from the post. So you enter a space and when the site is viewed on the front end, the code making everything look how it does can’t see the space.

Cue you losing the plot.

How do I stop WordPress ruining my life formatting?

 As with any software issue, there are a few ways to solve it. The easiest for a non-technical type person is to use a plugin. As you may know, I don’t like to go plugin crazy on a website, however this one can save you a tonne of time (and headaches).

I recommend the plugin Tiny MCE Advanced. Be sure to read the notes about using the Classic Editor versus Gutenberg. Install the plugin, follow the instructions on the plugin site and you should be good to go (feel free to comment below with questions if you get stuck).


Now any posts you’re already entered will need to be copied in again to be impacted by the plugin.

There you have it. Problem solved!